Plan an Oscars Party with Goodwill®

Roll out the red carpet, it’s almost time for the Oscars! The 89th Academy Awards Ceremony is just under a week away, so there’s still time to pull together a party if you’re ready to relive your favorite cinematic moments from the past year in the company of your other movie-loving friends. Just set the dress code (full evening dress, of course), dream up some dazzling decor and make a menu worthy of the silver screen. Sound like a lot? It’s easier than you think with the simple suggestions below!

Celebrities and Goodwill shoppers wearing the four flattering colors.

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I recently learned from Goodwill Keystone Area (Harrisburg, PA) that the Pantone Color Institute has identified four colors that flatter every person on Earth, no matter their hair, skin or eye color and tone. Mellow Rose, True Red, Indian Teal and Eggplant regularly grace the red carpet precisely because they complement all features, so for your Oscars party, scope your local Goodwill in search of these four hues to create an award-winning ensemble. You may even find attire that has actually been worn by a star!

A frame with a sign that says "And the Award Goes to..."

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Set the scene at home for a glitzy event with a few glamorous touches, like this display pinned from Catch My Party on Pinterest. Another pinner noted there are always a plethora of vases at her local Goodwill, and I’ll add that picture frames are usually abundant, too! Recreate your own version of this table in the entryway of your home to greet guests on Oscars night, and they’ll be buzzing with anticipation even before a category is announced.

Vases filled with flowers and candy

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As with any event, the menu is a great opportunity to drive a theme home, so how perfect would movie theater snacks be? Here on the East Coast, the live event will begin at 7 p.m., so nibbles are all that’s needed. I’d serve some fresh popcorn and dress up concession stand sweets in their award show best just like Goodwill of Orange County (Santa Ana) has done in the centerpiece above. Did anyone else notice that the cloth under the centerpiece is Mellow Rose? Apparently, this color is even flattering for displays!

We love watching characters on screen rise from their struggles to find success, but it’s easy to forget that these stories of triumph are all around us. In fact, Goodwill organizations generate opportunities every day for people to achieve economic stability and build strong families and vibrant communities by offering career training, financial stability tools and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, people who lack education or job experience, veterans and military families, older workers, youth and young adults, people reintegrating back into society and others who face challenges to finding employment. You can be a part of someone’s happy ending when you support these integral programs simply by shopping at Goodwill for your Oscars party needs!

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 is a home decor/DIY blogger, and a fledgling seamstress concerned with environmental and social consciousness. With a passion for vintage and mid-century pieces, her New England apartment probably doesn’t look much different than her grandparents’ house did when her Mum was young.

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Add Some Greenery to Your Life

Article By Goodwill Author,

Every year, designers and stylists eager for a fresh take on what’s fashionable excitedly await the announcement of the Pantone color of the year. For 2017, the zesty hue Greenery—nature’s signature pigment which symbolizes a new start—is taking center stage and will influence decor and dressing alike for the next several seasons. To whet your appetite for the year ahead, here are just a few ways we’ve seen this statement color on Goodwill® finds in the past!

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I think this adorable mini-peacoat is exactly what the people at Pantone had in mind when they selected this year’s color. The rich, deep hue is invigorating and bold without appearing over the top. Usually found among the racks of Anthropologie, this gorgeous piece was scouted out by DC’s Goodwill Fashionista in her local shop. Check out her post for more details on the coat itself plus tips on how to style it!

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Next up we have a desk thrifted from Goodwill by Rachel of the blog Loving Life! When she spotted this piece of old, badly finished, furniture one day while shopping, she knew it would be the perfect solution to mail organization in her home…after it got a fresh coat of paint. The bright green tint brought it back to life with a quick refinish and now keeps the entryway tidy. Slapping a coat of this cheerful color on your thrifted fixtures would be a great way to liven up any dreary or messy corner and you’ll be able to boast to your guests that it’s right on trend.

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And finally, with the Superbowl right around the corner, why not show support for your favorite players with a team-themed craft? After snagging some inexpensive tee-shirts from a local shop, Goodwill Industries of Kansas (Wichita) spent an afternoon whipping super easy scarves in the colors of their favorite teams. Now, who’s going to tell me which team has green and dark charcoal uniforms so I can swap my alliance for the year? This color combo is just too perfect for me not to replicate!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take the plunge and let the color of the year influence your decor and fashion decisions? At Goodwill we embrace going green not just cosmetically, but also when it comes to our attention to the environment. You surely know that we help to keep things out of the landfill by selling donated goods, but have you heard about what we do with the items that don’t sell? After a significant time in Goodwill stores and outlets, unsold donations are baled and sold to textile recyclers which extends the life of already manufactured goods. Your support of our organization makes that possible! Now, everybody pop on those Emerald City spectacles and get ready to see green(ery) in 2017.