“I didn’t want to stay at home. I wanted a job.”

Paul Jackson 001Meet Paul Jackson.

Paul, who spent 20 years in the Army Reserve, was now facing life with a disability. He became injured as a pedestrian when he was struck by a vehicle, causing him to lose the use of his leg. He ended up needing a wheelchair for mobility, and although he had always maintained steady employment in warehouse shipping and receiving, his job prospects were now limited.

Paul came to the Goodwill Paul Jackson 002Easterseals Job Readiness program through a referral from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and spent some time in our Senior Community Service Employment Program. Funded through a grant from National Easterseals and the US Department of Labor, the SCSEP program offers job training and employment opportunities for low income seniors over 55. Paul received training and was offered a job in our E-Recycling department, where he breaks down computers and removes the hard drives containing sensitive information that are then destroyed by our Data Destruction staff. He is able to gain the hours he needs in an environment where the focus is on his abilities, not his wheelchair.

“I didn’t want to stay at home,” said Paul, “I wanted a job.”

FData Destruction Logoor over 50 years, Goodwill Easterseals (GES) has been a leader in helping people with disabilities and other barriers to success to maintain independent lifestyles. Our goal is to provide meaningful employment for people like Paul who have significant disabilities.

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