Recreation Services

Goodwill Easterseals coordinates a week-long camping experience for children and adults with disabilities at Easterseals Camp ASCCA, a totally-accessible facility. The Mobile Rotary Children’s Foundation provides financial sponsorship for the tuition costs for 100 campers to attend each summer. A smaller group of youth with disabilities from the Florida Panhandle are sponsored by Publix. Week-end camps coordinated by GES are provided for children with Autism and their families and Post-Polio survivors and caregivers.

Goodwill Easterseals provides young people with disabilities with recreational outlets to improve physical fitness, social skills, and connections with their community. One outlet is a special needs cheer squad which performs for exhibitions and competitions at venues along the Gulf Coast. Other recreational opportunities include dances, movie nights, and local family outings.

Kaleidoscope is a program of Goodwill Easterseals for younger adults who have recently transitioned out of high school and other non-senior adults who desire to remain active and engaged in structured daytime learning and recreational activities.  Our goal is to help adults with developmental and/or other disabilities to enhance skills and characteristics important to personal growth, happiness and self-sufficiency through meaningful and challenging group activities.