What is a Goodwill Bargain Store??

Did you know that there are two different versions of Goodwill Stores? Besides the standard stand-alone retail stores, Goodwill Easterseals of the Gulf Coast has two Bargain Stores, one in Mobile and one in Pensacola.

In the Bargain Stores, the merchandise is not displayed on shelves (except for a few token items). When you walk inside a Bargain Store you will see a sea of blue rolling bins that are filled with everything under the sun. These bins are refilled with goods three times a day. So be ready for the rush each time the new bins are brought into the retail area! The inventory is constantly rotating, so you never know what will be available for purchase.


Rachel, a Goodwill employee, says the Bargain Store is like Good Friday every day, with crowds at the door waiting for them to open. I arrived 30 minutes before the store opened, and a line was already forming.

The items found in the Bargain Store are items that have been on the shelves in the retail store that did not sell or smaller items just not worth pricing. You purchase some merchandise by weight. Large items, books, electronics and a few other items are priced separately, but still at a huge discount.

Here are some of the items the Bargain Store had to offer during my visit.  I was especially excited about the Telescope!